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i really can’t get over just how GREAT sophie turner’s acting is. she often gets so little to actually say or do, but somehow it results in some of the most powerful acting in the whole show.





she’s just so perfect and subtle and internal - people often say…


Dr. Frederick Chilton + eavesdropping

"There has not been a word exchanged between those two men in my hospital that I have not heard."

GRRM and Dragonstone


You know, reading GRRM’s interviews, I find it really REALLY interesting how you see a lot of his own viewpoints reflected in a rather unlikely character (though perhaps it’s just because I often find myself reading a shitton on said character)

GRRM on Woodrow Wilson

He was…


This episode nearly killed me. Just such beautiful and beautifully worded truth about life and relationships and the awkward anxiety of it all?! Ugh! Science.

Cecil and Carlos. Seriously what the hell are they. Those damnable Nightvale writers make it sound so easy to write LGBT representation into genre stories and, oh, I don’t know, maybe it’s easier in radio! But for someone working in animation, their relationship is just this far off beacon of light (above the Arby’s) of what could be (if only those darn StrexCorp execs would stop trying to kill us).









gingerbeardyman said: Loom children? I don’t understand. Why would they have children in their home world? Strange, right?

What you all have to remember about looming is that not once has it been mentioned/ referenced or shown on tv (as far as i’m aware of). And if that is the case then you can’t really apply it to tv canon & the events of the time war because it just hasn’t been made tv canon. Which means that until it is mentioned it can only ever be head canon/ non-canon material. 

Also Time Lords themselves are more a branch of society who live in the Citadel. As far as i’m aware the only kids we see are in Arcadia, which means yes they may be Gallifreyan but that doesn’t make them Time Lords, therefore reproduction could be still happen normally & you still have children. All creatures on Gallifrey are Gallifreyan but not all are Time Lords, only Time Lords can regenerate & have skills that The Master or The Doctor would also have. As for having enough soldiers to fight. Well in DoTD 10 says there was “2.47 billion” children. Assuming theres that many children then you can at least double + add a bit more on for how many teens through to adults there were. Either this or some Time Lords fought as well & just regenerated when they died.

In the end, personally I don’t like the idea of looming it seems way to weird & because it hasn’t been mentioned in the show I choose to think that Time Lords just reproduce normally.

Whast you also have to remember about Looming is that not once has ‘normal’ (by which I assume you mean PIV sex) reproduction been mentioned/referenced or shown on TV (as far as I’m aware of), or  indeed anywhere in the EU. And if that is the case then you can’t really apply it to canon & the events of the Time War, because it just hasn’t been made canon. Which means that until it is mentioned it can only ever be headcanon/non-canon material.

Now. What is ‘normal’ reproduction, please? Do you mean ‘like humans’? Plenty of species on our planet don’t reproduce like humans. Why the hell should aliens?

Is Looming really that different to adoption?

Moving on.

I said in my original post: the problem with 2.47 billion children on Gallifrey is that the total population of Gallifrey pre-Time War was about a million. That is not a typo. One. Million. 2.47 billion children gives us 2,470,000 children per adult. Given that PIV birth rates generally drop during wartime, the only way to explain this sudden birth spike is with War Looms or something similar, really.

I’m well aware that not all Gallifreyans are Time Lords (heck, I wrote the meta), and in fact nobody in this thread was talking about Time Lords. We were all saying ‘Gallifreyans’.

But eh. Personally, I don’t like the idea of PIV sex. It seems way too gross, it prevents same-sex couples, polyamorous groups, infertile heterosexual couples and single parents from being able to have biological children, it removes all of the delicious parallels with the Daleks and Cybermen, and because it hasn’t been mentioned in the show I prefer to think Time Lords just reproduce by machine.

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His face suddenly clouded over. “Susan? Who told you about Susan?”

"Barbara did." Vicki suddenly felt as if she’d been thrown on the defensive. "She said that Susan was your granddaughter, and she left the TARDIS to get married."

The Doctor stood. “Yes, Susan was my…